24th November, 2023

Wine connoisseurs aren’t the only ones who can make their way around the Swan Valley sampling the goods. There are six different distilleries in the Swan Valley, each offering a unique twist on traditional methods and flavours. From unique gins featuring local botanicals to premium small batch rums, the Swan Valley caters to all drinking tastes.

Best of all, they are all located within a few kilometres of each other. You can easily discover the Swan Valley’s best distilleries in a day along the spirit trail. Each distillery offers tastings where you will have the chance to sample their products and learn more about the production and ingredients.

If you have some non-wine drinkers in your group, here are six Swan Valley distilleries where you can taste boutique gin, whisky, rum, and other spirits and liqueurs.


6 Swan Valley distilleries to explore this weekend

Discover something new at Old Youngs Distillery

Garden at Old Youngs Swan Valley
Old Youngs
What to try: Six Seasons Gin

Old Youngs Distillery don’t have a boring ‘about us’ section on their website. They have a manifesto. Their creative list of ways to be better includes “Never stop exploring, never stop learning, share that with others”, which is a mantra we assume they apply to their drink making.

With a list of botanicals that includes bush mint, sea parsley and desert lime, they are clearly exploring and learning a lot about the flavours of unique ingredients. And we are grateful they are sharing that with us in their tasty creations.

Beyond the range of spirits available for tasting, Old Youngs also offers a range of experiences including masterclasses in cocktail mixing and making your own gin. The restaurant, Old Youngs Kitchen, must also subscribe to the same manifesto. On the menu you will find more unusual creations such as emu pastrami and crocodile chorizo.

Harris Organic Wine & Spirits

Brandy Tasting
Brandy Swan Valley
What to try: Organic brandy

You can make more with grapes than just wine! Why not take the opportunity to sample WA’s only organic brandy at Harris Organic Wine & Spirits?

Harris uses organic grapes from their organic vineyard to make the alcohol in their range of spirits. They even source organic botanicals for their gin. The result is a range of organic oaked and unoaked brandies, vodkas and gins. Book a tasting to sample the range and learn more about the organic processes that go into making these spirits.

Visiting is by appointment only, so make sure you contact them before you arrive to arrange a tasting.

Get serious about spirits at Limeburners and Giniversity

Gin Tastings at Giniversity
Gin Tasting Paddle Giniversity. Image: Giniversity
What to try: Limeburners Single Malt Whisky Peated

Limeburners and Giniversity Swan Valley is the latest addition to the Great Southern Distilling Co family. While no actual distilling happens in the Swan Valley, the cellar door offers tastings of the award-winning products from WA’s southwest.

Visit the cellar door for a range of experiences including tastings, gin blending classes and spirit masterclasses. On offer at the Swan Valley venue are whisky tastings of their Limeburners, Tiger Snake and Dugite whisk(e)y ranges. Or for the gin-lovers, enjoy a tasting of the Giniversity range of gins. Feeling hungry? The restaurant serves a casual menu of sharing dishes and pizzas.

Sip on sustainable spirits at Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods Spirit Tasting
Damaged Goods Spirit Tasting. Image: Damaged Goods
What to try: Final Squeeze Citrus Gin

Love sprits and hate food waste? Then you’re in good company at Damaged Goods. The innovative distillery creates amazing spirits from ingredients along the supply chain that would otherwise be discarded. We’re not talking about dumpster diving here, but discovering the flavour potential of food waste that happens before it reaches the supermarket shelves.

While Damaged Goods are creating products that are good for the planet, they aren’t skimping on quality. Spirit specialist Tim and former chef Pia combine their skills to produce a small range of drinks that will satisfy any spirit connoisseur.

They’ve incorporated their sustainable values into everything they do, including their distillery in the Swan Valley. Book a tasting from Friday to Sunday to hear from the knowledgeable staff about the ways in which they are shaking things up in the world of spirits.

Drink devilishly good gins at Sin Gin

Sin Gin Swan Valley
Sin Gin Swan Valley. Image: Sin Gin
What to try: Perth Pink

You don’t get more boutique than Sin Gin, a nano Swan Valley gin distiller found in the Swan Settlers Markets. Like many who enter the field of spirit making, head distiller Mark Harris had another career before following his passion for distilling.

You can book a 45-minute tasting to sample a range of their highly awarded spirits, view the stills where the magic happens and hear the stories of how the gins are created. Or, why not let Sin Gin come to you? Book a Sin Gin party for a one hour tasting at your next event.

Enjoy boozy backyard BBQs at Great Northern Distillery

Cocktails Swan Valley
Cocktails Swan Valley
What to try: Canefire Rum

Settle in and enjoy the relaxed and unpretentious vibe at Great Northern Distillery. On offer is a large range of locally made spirits and liqueurs including the famous Cane Fire Rum. While gin seems to be the focus for many Swan Valley distilleries, Great Northern Distillery prides itself on its extensive range of premium rums. Book a tasting for a guided tour through the range with their knowledgeable team.

Visitors don’t just come to sample the Great Northern Distillery’s range of award-winning spirits. Enjoy classic cocktails such as a mojito or fruit tingle in the garden. Order one of their charcuterie boards or bring your own food to cook up on the BBQ. It’s like a having a party in someone else’s backyard!

The Swan Valley is renowned for its local food and beverage scene, including several craft distilleries. Taste the delicious local spirits and liqueurs of the Swan Valley on this spirit trail.

Bring the Swan Valley back home with this delectable cocktail from Damaged Goods

Smashed Apple Spritz
Damaged Goods Smashed Apple Spritz. Image: Damaged Goods

The fun doesn’t have to end when your day in the Swan Valley finishes. Bring the taste of the Swan Valley home with this delicious apple cocktail from Damaged Goods.

Smashed Apple Spritz

• 60ml Damaged Goods Smashed Apple Aperitivo

• 90ml dry apple cider

• 30ml soda water

Add all ingredients to an empty wine glass, top with ice cubes and garnish with slices of fresh apple. Enjoy!

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